Right, so when I started this blog, I had a very different idea of what I wanted it to be. My “About” page, which is a little hidden, reflects what I truly want this site to be about. My coaching training took it in a different direction for a period of time, but I think that I will be separating these a bit more with another eventual site to come for coaching. However, my reflections and stories posted here on TUA will contribute, inform and come through in my coaching with clients.

So, if you read stories and it resonates, then feel free to comment. If you want to start or continue on a journey of your own that might involve getting some coaching, then get in touch directly until my coaching site comes along (no currently planned date yet).

In the meantime, I’ll be returning to sharing some of my TUA moments and thoughts as I ride this crazy train called life! :D


-The Universal Asian

Awakening the Giant Within

Happy New Year from The Universal Asian! It’s time to get back into it and continue the journey of renewal and reflection.

It was necessary to take some time away to consider what this site is meant to be along with how I hope that readers will come to it and what they might take away from it. Having a blog like this is tricky, but I think TUA is ready!

Back in March of last year, I was just starting to get through Tony Robbins’ book _Awaken the Giant Within_, 180116 when I wrote about the issue of Pain or Pleasure. Well, I finally finished it a couple of months back and allowed the giant within to have a rest considering what may cause me pain or pleasure.

The Universal gives me pleasure and if I help, entertain or cause even one person to pause a moment, then I feel as if all pain that may be involved is worth it. Going back to my life purpose – to be the spirit that inspires others to reach their full potential – I feel it’s time to truly awaken the giant and let the spirit soar.


So, here’s to a new year, a new me and a new you!



Action:  Are any of these part of your resolutions/goals for this year? Do you already feel as if reaching it/them is going to be a challenge? Why do it alone? Why not get a coach?! Contact me if you’d like to try it out or get more information.


-The Universal Asian

Why Get A Coach?

The idea of having a therapist has often been thought of as for “others”. It has been considered that those who are ‘crazy’ or ‘weak’ or ‘less than’ are the ones who need to see a counselor. It’s not for the ‘average’ person. Perhaps you have thought to yourself: Surely, I’m not that mentally off to need a therapist!


In order to combat this taboo and still recognize that sometimes people need a bit of help, the concept of “life coaching” came into the scene. Then, life coaches started proliferating to the point that just about anyone with a few hours of training can call themselves one. Now, it’s becoming nearly as taboo to have a life coach as it is to have a therapist, but for different reasons.

Well…just like any profession there are good ways and not-so-ideal ways of promoting it. What is important to do is to have a clear understanding of what it means to have a coach and consider the real benefits and reasons for getting one.

Consider this:  Have you thought about hiring a personal trainer? Do you attend a yoga or some kind of exercise class? Why? Aside from perhaps wanting a social interaction, the truth is that you could probably create your own work out routine without a trainer or once you had the basics of yoga moves, you could do it in your home. So, why hire or attend a class?

The same answer can be applied to having a coach. Let’s not use “life” with coach anymore.

Consider this:  What does a coach of a sports team do? How can these elements be applied to what you might need?finding_a_coach

Further consider:  Are there areas of your life that are less than ideal? Do you find yourself feeling like there is more for you, but you just don’t know what or how to obtain it? Would you like someone to help you find a better way?

The answers to these questions are what a coach can do for you. Sometimes just talking to family and friends is nimagesot enough. Coaches (especially co-active ones) are trained especially to provide you with tools and help in getting what you want out of your life. Coaches are available to support you and help you to achieve what is perceived as impossible. Coaches want you to find your inner you and to develop a way of life that focuses on your values and takes pride in who you are. With their help to re-learning how to be who you are, you will find everything is possible.

So, maybe it is time to shake off those taboos and thoughts that you aren’t the type to need help. We all need help, it just a matter of how we understand what that means. :D

-The Universal Asian

If Asians Said…

…the stuff that white people say…

Is it being overly sensitive to find comments like this stupid or meaningless? Perhaps, but the reality is that it is common for people of a different ethnicity to make stereotypical comments about another ethnicity – whether white to asians or asians to blacks or blacks to hispanics and so on. (Yes, the lack of capital letters is intentional!)

The fact is that although the world may be more accessible than it ever has been, there are still areas to improve our view of the people in it. While we may like to blame the dominant ‘white’ culture for perpetuating these stereotypes as shown in the somewhat funny clip here, we should realistically take a look at ourselves and consider where we do this to others regardless of the color of our or their skin.

No matter where we go or how far we advance, the changes and awareness need to come from within ourselves as individuals to really see the changes that we desire in the world.

-The Universal Asian


Co-Active-Model-ImageI have recently completed my courses to become a qualified Co-Active coach, which was truly an amazing and challenging journey.

A friend’s aunt introduced me to a life coach late last year. It was a time when I knew that I needed some help in getting my life on the right track as I felt a bit as if I was floundering. This coach was in LA and so we did our sessions on Skype. Although I did not always agree with her style, she helped me to see the value of coaching over therapy. Coaching is definitely much more proactive in making changes in your life through your own awareness. In a short time, my life began to change.

Another friend of mine began taking these workshops in Dubai and I decided to give it a go myself. So, I started the workshops in January, but then took some time to finish due to our vacations.

The people that I met are beautiful and truly amazing. We shared a great deal together and I believe our friendships will last. Although there were times when I felt a bit like an acolyte or as if I was being sold on a business scheme, overall I do believe in the power of coaching. We do not call this life-coaching, but co-active coaching. Read from the link above about what that means.

On the last day, we were asked to write a story about our journey along with having structures for the voices/energies that we need to draw upon within ourselves to help us go forward. So, I have combined them in the document below.


I hope you will be inspired by my journey and if you want to know more or try out a coaching session for you or someone you know, just send me a message.

More to come,

-The Universal Asian

On Being Asian in Hawai’i

Hawai’i. Hawai’i has been a place of my dreams since I watched Magnum P.I. and reruns of Hawaii Five-O as a little girl. In college I met some Hawai’ians and knew that someday I just had to visit. Then, I moved to Japan and found a rather large Hawai’ian community through the Foursquare churches I attended and visited. My sense that I would love Hawai’i, its culture and people continued to grow stronger.

In 2010, I went with my family for a week to the Big Island – Kona – and then stayed a couple of days on Oahu near Waikiki in Honolulu.

I was more than convinced that at some point in my life I need to live on one of these islands.

Then, returning for a short holiday this summer on Maui made me realize that it just might be my true home.

People have asked me what it is about Hawai’i that I like so much and that I haven’t found anywhere else in my travels. Here is what I tell them:

*No one has ever asked me “Where are you from?” In fact, most have assumed I am Hawai’ian or many just don’t really care. Some have told me that I have a Hawai’ian attitude, so they never wondered.

*The tropical and beach life is definitely my kind of scene, but without the crazy heat that comes from living in the desert near the beach. I love the smell of an ocean breeze in the evening and the fairly temperate climates year-round. I don’t even mind a little bit of rain now and then because I know that the sun will be back.

*The general attitude of every Hawai’ian I have met is laidback and filled with a love for life and people.

So, what’s not to love about that?

Maui sunset

Perhaps, one might say that Hawaii is the perfect place for a Universal Asian!

-The Universal Asian


D.I.G. Into It!

Do you often find yourself wishing you could do something other than what you are doing – whether it is in your job, being with the person you’re with, vacationing where you do and so on? Have you told yourself that there is nothing you can do to change your circumstances or that the time is just not right for the change?

Plenty of times we think life can always be better. However, how often do we actually take action to make it so?

Sometimes we try to look at the long-term and determine getting there is just impossible. However, everyone needs to Dream. dreams-IIDreams are what give us hope and motivate us to achieve the big picture. They are the key to a bigger, brighter and happier future. It’s easy to dream big. Yet, we cannot live by dreams alone.

intention1In order for us to reach our dreams, we have to start with our daily Intentions. What do you intend to do today to make your life a little better, bigger and happier? Each day, we can make a decision to take a small contribution to reaching our dreams.

Finally, it’s not enough just to have intentions, but these intentions need to meet some kind of Goal. With each day-to-day achievement, we take one step closer to short-term goals that will help us to achieve the big dream. Before you know it, your dream will be made into a reality!????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Life is never really easy. However, if we D.I.G. into it we can be the master’s of our circumstances and instead of wishing for change in our lives, we can actually make it happen.

So, in the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, “Make it so!” :P


- The Universal Asian